Frequently Asked Questions

All of our clothing are currently made in Turkey, and our footwear are made in Portugal.

We choose our factories based on their quality and ethical standards. All of our factories are fully compliant and audited to ensure that all of our products are ethically made and comply with labor laws. As a brand, we are on a journey to explore sustainable processes so it is imperative that our factories partner with us and incorporate the latest innovative technologies to ensure that we can grow into being more sustainable as a brand. Currently within our range we feature products which are made from 100% Organic cottons.

Our factories are certified to produce organic products. Our warehouse is based in the United Kingdom to ensure that logistically we can be as efficient as possible. This also reduces our carbon footprint.

Our polybags and swing tickets are made from biodegradable materials. The best place to dispose of these would be in a food waste recycling bin or a garden compost bin. 

We are a luxury brand delivering quality goods, and our prices are determined by the cost to make the garment, the fabrics used and workmanship.

Organic cotton is sustainable and significantly better for the environment as it is made without harmful chemicals, compared to your standard cotton fibres. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds which are kinder and softer to the skin.

Please refer to our detailed Size Guide

You will find washing and ironing instructions on the wash care labels. These can be found in the interior of each garment.